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2 Hours of ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT (and we mean ENDLESS!), Private Party Suite

Party Host, Freedom to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cake), Evites, Swag Bags, Bottled Water


That's right! Your kid wants the party that everyone will be talking about, and you want to maintain your "BEST PARENT EVER" status. It happens HERE, because KTR is the place kids WANT to be!  Now all you have to do is pick your party package! 

included in every Party package


$10/additional child, up to 50 kids

So you wanna throw the party that the kids will be talking about to their their parents... heck, to their own kids way

(WAY) in the future?


Well, here ya go. This.Is.Ultimate.


Party Package Plus:

  • • 4 Large pizzas

  • • 4 (12-packs) of soda



$10/additional child, up to 19 kids

If your kid wants a big

party, we say








            Party Package Plus

       • 3 Large pizzas

  • • 3 (12-packs) of soda



$10/additional child, up to 14 kids

It's a full-on BONANZA with friends and food to keep the masses happy!





Party Package Plus:

  • • 2 Large pizzas

  • • 2 (12-packs) of soda



 $15/additional child, up to 9 kids

The FUN is EXPLOSIVE with a group of your very best friends!









Everything in Party Package


 * $50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve any party.

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